Traditional vs. Same-Day Crowns

A dental crown.


A dental crown is a cap that a dentist places on top of a damaged tooth. You may need a crown because your tooth broke when you ate a hard candy. The Family Dental Center gives you a traditional and same-day crown, which comes in handy if you don’t have time. Look at how these crowns are similar and different before your appointment.

What Is a Traditional Dental Crown?

Teeth can develop damage for tons of reasons. You may have severe signs of tooth decay or an injury that caused damage to your tooth. 


When you meet with a dentist, and the dentist suggests you need a crown, you must know what this means. 


A dental crown is a cap designed to look like your natural tooth. The crown fits over your tooth like a little crown. You can eat and talk without feeling uncomfortable. Dentists can offer crowns made from resin or metal.


The process of getting a traditional dental crown usually takes several days. The dentist will determine that you need a crown during your first appointment. They will then use a file and other tools to make the tooth smaller and ready it for the crown. 


Most dentists give patients a temporary crown before they get a traditional crown. You can also expect the dentist to take an impression of your tooth, which they send to the lab that makes the crown. It can take a few weeks before the lab makes your crown and sends it back to the office. You then need to return to the dentist for your fitting.

How Is a Same-Day Crown Different?

A same-day crown is similar to a traditional crown but helps you save time. When you choose this option, you make an appointment and complete all of the required steps in the same visit. The dentist will examine your tooth and make an impression.


 They will then use a machine to mill a crown that looks exactly like your natural tooth. Though the process is much faster, it has the same benefits as a traditional crown. The dentist can give you a crown within a few hours or less to provide you with the beautiful smile you want.

Comparing Crowns

A woman smiling

When comparing traditional crowns to same-day crowns, you’ll find that both are reasonably similar. They allow you to smile without feeling self-conscious and restore the look and feel of your mouth. 


Some patients prefer same-day crowns because of how natural they look. They use materials similar to natural enamel. Traditional crowns may use metal that sticks out when you smile and make you worry about how you look.


The two crowns are also different in terms of how the dentist takes impressions. With traditional crowns, you usually need to use a particular dental paste that can leave behind a lingering taste in your mouth. 


If the dentist makes a mistake or you produce too much saliva during the process, it can throw off the impression and require yet another appointment. With same-day crowns, dentists have access to a special type of technology that allows them to take impressions much faster and reduces the chances of errors popping up.


You should also compare the materials used for their overall strength. Traditional crowns often use resin or ceramic materials infused with metal. This makes them as strong as your natural teeth. You’ll find that you can enjoy hot and cold foods again and that you don’t need to worry about the crown breaking. 


Same-day crowns usually use ceramic and do not contain any metal. While this helps you get a nice smile, you may find that the crown isn’t quite as strong. There’s a risk that the crown might break or that you will need to replace it later.


Some patients looking into preventative dental care prefer same-day crowns because they don’t like using a temporary crown. With a temporary crown, you get a small cap that fits over your tooth. 


A temporary crown can come off your tooth before your meeting. Even if it stays in place, it may make your tooth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and other sensations. You need to wear it for a few weeks or longer until your next appointment when the permanent crown comes back from the lab.


With traditional crowns, you must wear a temporary device for a minimum of two weeks. Another potential problem with a temporary crown is that it can rub uncomfortably against your teeth and gums. When this happens, there is a chance that bacteria can get inside and infect your damaged tooth. 


You get a permanent crown on the same day that you come in for your impression. Though your dentist will make sure it fits right, it can come loose in the middle of the night or during the weekend and cause some pain and discomfort. Same-day crowns allow you to skip this step.

Choosing the Right Crown

The Family Dental Center can help you choose between traditional and same-day crowns. You might pick a traditional crown because you want one that is durable and will last for years. When you need to save time, you can choose a same-day crown and have one done on the spot. 


No matter which crown you choose, think about all of the other services you need. Call today to learn about the restorative dental procedures that are right for you, or schedule an appointment for a new crown. You can get help making your smile look beautiful again, even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years.

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