February! Celebrating Children’s National Dental Health Month


Each February dental professionals spend the month promoting all the benefits of good oral health for our children, their parents, teachers, caregivers, and many others.   

The American Dental Association (ADA) created this national event as just another way to help keep our children healthy and updating all the advances in oral health care.  Advances like public water fluoridation and sealants are just a couple of the advances that have had a huge impact on improved oral health care.

Oral Care Tips for Kids
These 5 oral care tips assist our patients and their families to know how to protect their children’s oral health and keep their smile beaming:

  1. Try health snacks such as peanut butter and celery, cheese sticks or yogurt as substitutes for candy.
  2. Take note of the number of sugary drinks, including sports drinks that your family is consuming.   Encourage your child to drink more milk or water from the tap (remember, the fluoride in tap water helps strengthen teeth!).
  3. Today using sealants for your child’s back teeth provide excellent projection against tooth decay especially in the deep grooves of their molars.
  4. For children younger than eight, help your child brush.  These are habits that last a lifetime.
  5. Schedule your dental appointments for the entire family twice a year for regular checkups and professional cleanings.

Teaching your youngster about the importance of maintaining good oral health will not only benefit them now but also as they grow into teenagers, adults and beyond. If you need help getting started, do not hesitate to contact a dentist near you!

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